BlastBall Rules

Updated Saturday January 31, 2015 by Beamsville Minor Baseball Association.

For younger players (age 4), Blastball is an excellent introduction to the game of baseball. It allows for many touches and constant action to hold young people’s short attention spans. With smaller teams than T-ball, more kids get to be involved and develop interest and basic skills in the bat and ball concept.


Blastball uses a batting tee and incorporates some of the rules and fundamentals of baseball, but at a much faster pace to keep children active and interested.


The rules of Blastball are simple: There are two teams, one in the field and one at bat, but fewer players, no formal field positions, and only one base. The Blastbase, a fair distance line marker, and a sideline cone designate fair territory. The base features built-in horns that honk when stepped on.  Each batter hits the ball past the fair distance marker and runs to the Blastbase. HONK!


When the ball is stopped by a fielder, she holds the ball up and yells "Blast!" If the fielder yells blast before the batter "honks" the base, the batter is out. If the batter "honks" the base before the fielder yells blast, the batter scores a run.


We provide tees, bats, bases, balls and each kids gets a hat and team shirt.  The only thing the kids need to bring is their own glove!

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